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Delivery / Shipping / Availability

Which countries do you deliver to?

As of right now, we ship to all Nordic countries as well as most Central European countries.

Please contact us here if you're unsure if we ship to your country.

How long will it take for my products to arrive?

We ship our orders every day at 12:00. Depending on where in Europe you live, the delivery time may vary slightly.

The delivery time is usually within 3 working days within Sweden.
Delivery time is usually 4-5 working days within the EU.

I'm not 100% satisfied, what should I do?

We are sorry to hear that you’re not happy with our products. So we will offer you a suitable solution, for example a free replacement or a money refund. Please be aware that the full refund policy is within 14 days after you received your order. Also, we charge a little fee for the return cost (SEK 45 for returns within Sweden and SEK 90 for international returns). This fee will be regulated in connection with the repayment. 

Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

I have a subscription, how do I make changes?

Your email will automatically sync to your account if you start a subscription. However, you still must set up an account in order to access your subscription.

To access your account to change intervals, skip a delivery, or cancel your subscription you first need to set up a password. To create one, go here and make sure you sign-up with the same email that you used when you ordered.

Access your account.

Our Products

Are Skosh products vegan?

Our entire product range is Vegan Trademark certified. This means, no animal ingredients and no testing on animals.

Do your Dishwasher Tablets contain rinse aid?

Our Naked Dishwasher Tablets contain eco-friendly ingredients that leave a shiny and clean result. Due to the, usually, harsh elements of rinse aid, we have not included this in our tablets.

If you feel that you’re missing this component, don’t worry! We recommend adding vinegar to the rinse aid compartment. It’s an eco-friendly alternative that provides the same effect.

Are the Refill tablets disinfectant?

No, our tablets do not disinfect your home. They clean your surfaces and make sure you have a safe home environment.

Can I use the Cleaning solutions as dish soap?

Yes! Our Univeral Spray can also be used as dish soap. Dissolve the tablet in a reusable bottle, spray it on your dishes, and use a dish brush to wipe clean.

The formulation of the Universal Refill tablet and the relatively high pH level makes it perfect for removing grease and food stains.

We do, however, not recommend using the Refill tablets in the dishwasher.

Do the Refill tablets have an expiry date?

There is no expiry date for our refill tablets. An undissolved tablet will last for several years if stored in a cool, dry place.

For a dissolved tablet, i.e. cleaning solution, the shelf life is about 6 months. This is how long we can guarantee that the cleaning effect remains the same.

What ingredients do you use for your products?

Ingredients and their efficiency, origin and eco-friendly aspects are extremely important to us. We have a full page dedicated to explaining all our ingredients, check it out!

Our ingredients.

Still some unanswered questions?

Feel free to ask them by filling in the contact form. We'll get back to you within 48h.