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About the product

It is as simple as 1-2-3, literally! Firstly, you have to add some warm tap-water in your spray bottle. Secondly, drop the dissolvable tablet into the bottle and watch it sizzle! This process can take up between 3-5 minutes until the tablet is completely dissolved. Finally, you can begin with your usual cleaning procedure but this time without any plastic waste.

Our solution offers a variety of different benefits when comparing it to existing products. Since you don’t have to buy a new bottle over and over again, our solution pays for itself after purchasing it about 5 times! Therefore, it is the long-termly cheaper solution. However, the biggest benefit is that we are able to drastically reduce the plastic waste of one-time-use plastic bottles while not making compromises regarding cleaning effectiveness. Existing cleaning products are up to 95 % water and only 5 % actual soap! Therefore, all the unnecessary water weight is shipped around the planet. Since the water is already at your home, we are able to reduce the transportation CO2 emissions by 96 %.

Unfortunately, we are not there yet. We aim to start shipping the product within the next 3 months and starting pre-selling in approximately 2 months. The product will be sold online and shipped to any location in Sweden.

Our high-quality and reusable spray-bottle will be around 100 SEK. The cleaning tablets will be around 10 SEK per tablet. We will provide starter-kits consisting out of 3 bottles andย  9 tablets for 350 SEK.

About us

We are based in Lund which is located in the South of Sweden.

Our aim is to give everyone access to an environmentally responsible lifestyle. The focus lies in the reduction of plastic waste and the reduction of transportation CO2 emissions. Even though recycling is better than just throwing the empty bottles in the bin, the most sustainable solution is to reuse plastic bottles.ย 

The products will be manufactured in Europe.

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