One starter-pack
three cleaning areas

- Cleaner in one Starter-Pack!

Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner is suitable for every kind of surface. Use it in you kitchen or clean the wooden dinner table. This cleaner comes with a natural and fresh orange scent.
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Bathroom Cleaner
This cleaner is designed in a way that you can clean your whole bathroom with just one cleaning liquid. Our Bathroom cleaner is suitable for tiles, toilets and sinks. It comes with a flowery lily of the valley scent.
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Mirror and Glass Cleaner
This cleaner is designed to clean glass surfaces without leaving stains and comes with a subtle blue colouring. The highly effective incorporates a natural scent of peppermint.
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All in one solution

Order it once and never worry about cleaning liquids again. Our starter-pack consists out of our 3 bottles and 6 tablets. Just fill the bottles with tap-water, drop the tablets in, let them dissolve and start cleaning as usual - but this time, without plastic waste!

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