Innovating the surface cleaning market

No one-time-use plastic anymore. Buy the bottle once and repurchase the tablet for 10 SEK.

What are we up to?

Reducing plastic waste

Packaging of cleaning and detergent products are the second biggest contribution to the global plastic waste. Therefore, we want to get rid of all the one-time-use plastic waste and introduce our bottle that can be reused forever. By reusing the bottles instead of throwing them away, we can now tackle the plastic waste problem together!​

Reducing CO2 emissions

Since most cleaning products consist out of 80% to 95 % of water, cleaning brands are shipping a lot of unnecessary water weight around the planet. This leads to high but avoidable CO2 emissions. We don't transport any water because it is already at your home. Hence, we are able to reduce transportation CO2 emissions by 96% (!).

Saving money

With existing products you have to buy a new bottle every time the cleaning liquid is empty - that is expensive. Even though our bottle could be considered as an upfront investment, the product will pay for itself after repurchasing it 5 times because each refill is only 10 SEK.​

No toxic ingredients

In the past you had to choose between an organic but expensive cleaner or an effective but highly chemical cleaner. We combined the best of both worlds. Therefore, it is now possible to get your stuff clean by using non-toxic ingredients while also paying less. ​

We combine environmental-friendliness and effective cleaning!

Non-toxic ingredients

No plastic

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