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Soap Bag

Soap Bag

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A best friend for your bar. Store your bar here between washes or/and use if you're on the go. Also works great if your bar were to split into smaller pieces.

The bag is made from a blend of sisal fiber and organic cotton which together create an environmentally friendly soap bag. In addition to being a practical place to store your soap, you can also use the bag as a scrub glove in the shower!

Important: The bar in the picture is not included with this product. These can be purchased separately.


Made of sisal fiber and organic cotton.
Dimensions: 10 x 13 cm


✓ Multifunctional, works both for storage and scrubbing glove.
✓ Takes care of your soap bar and extends its lifespan.
✓ Perfect for travel, can be taken with you in hand luggage.

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WTF – Sisal fiber?

Never heard of sisal fiber before? It is a natural fiber that originally comes from Mexico and is extracted from agave plants (did someone say tequila?). Sisal fiber is also incredible as it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces and that residues from production can be used for example animal feed, fertilizer and bioenergy.

Hip Hip Sisal!

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