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Starter Kit + Dish Tabs

Starter Kit + Dish Tabs

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Our Starter Kit + Dish Tabs contains Multi-Purpose Spray, Bathroom Spray, Glass and Mirror Spray and Dishwasher Tablets which all ensure that you are all-set and ready for the big clean as well as the everyday fix. Whatever your heart desires.

Apply to:
✓ All surfaces of the home
✓ Dishwasher 
✓ Bathroom
✓ Windows


Refill tablets:

✓ Citric acid (30-60%)
✓ Sodium lauryl sulfate (5-15%)
✓ Sodium carbonate (30-60%)
✓ Maleic acid (15-30%)
✓ Dyes (<0.1%)
✓ Perfume (<1%)

Dishwasher Tablets:

✓ Oxygen based bleaching agents (5-15%)
✓ Non-ionic surfactants (<5%)
✓ Enzymes

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Warning: Cause severe skin irritation. May cause serious eye damage. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Read the label before use. In case of eye contact: Rinse carefully with water for a few minutes. Remove any contact lenses if possible. Rinse further. In case of exposure: Call a poison control center or doctor immediately.


✓ 3 Reusable spray bottles - made from 100% recycled plastic.
✓ 2 Multi-purpose refill tablets
✓ 2 Bathroom refill tablets
✓ 2 Glass & Mirror refill tablets
✓ 30 dishwasher tablets

1 Refill tablet = 500 ml cleaning

1 dishwasher tablet = 1 full dishwasher 


Mix your own cleaner!

1. Fill a spray bottle with water
2. Drop in the refill tablet
3. Start cleaning
4. Empty bottle? Repeat 1, 2, and 3!

Apply to your surfaces and wipe with a cloth. Enjoy your clean home!


Science > Strong chemicals

Instead of strong chemicals (🤢), we use optimized pH values ​​that target specific stains and dirt in your home.

Multi-purpose: pH value 9 (alkaline)
Bathroom: pH value 2-4 (acidic)
Glass & Mirror: pH value 5 (neutral)

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  • Effective formula

  • No perfume or dyes

  • Microplastic free

  • Natural ingredients

WTF – Draining the plastic?

Yes, the layer around a dishwasher tablet (called PVA) is plastic. That's the hard truth.

And the fact that we still wash these microplastics into our oceans every time we start our washing machine is something we have to stop doing...

So meet here, the naked dishwasher tablet, without the fluff, the way we like it.

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