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Laundry Scoop

Laundry Scoop

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Overdosing ≠ Cleaner clothes

Prevent overdosing your laundry powder with our reusable Laundry Scoop made from beech wood.


Dose according to the dosing instructions on the packaging and lower the temperature to protect the environment. Reduce environmental impact by using the recommended dose


✓ 1 Dosing scoop

Material: Beech wood
Holds 40 ml


For our own detergent, we recommend:

3-5 kg ​​laundry: 1.5x scoop
5-8 kg laundry: 2x scoop

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  • Concentrated formula

  • No perfume or dyes

  • Microplastic free

  • Gentle ingredients

WTF - True or False?

Let's challenge you with an honest true or false: Is it true that overdosing on detergent makes your clothes even cleaner?

…Thought clearly?

Answer: FALSE

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