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Sponge Holder

Sponge Holder

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Where do you usually store your sponge? In the bottom of your sink? Ew.

With HAPPY SiNK's patented innovation, you can now store your sponge within reach but out of sight.

The holder ensures that your sponge dries quickly and minimises bacterial contamination in your kitchen. With the help of the smart Magnet Fitting System (MFS), you attach your holder in no time, without any tools!


Biocomposite, Magnet


HAPPY SiNKS x SKOSH, Designed in Finland by HAPPY SiNKS

Wipe off with a wet cloth and allow to dry. Do not submerge in water or use in a dishwasher.

Works in steel and metal sinks. They also work for composite sinks that have a thickness of 3-5 mm or thinner. Not suitable for ceramic or stone sinks.


✓ 1 Sponge holder
Material: Biocomposite

Dimensions: H 2.0 cm, L 17.0 cm, W 5.7 cm, 0.27 kg


How to attach your holder using the Magnet Fitting System:

1. Remove the magnet from the holder
2. Attach under the sink and connect the magnet to the holder.
3. Voila, place your dish sponge and you're done. Nice!

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WTF – Dish Sponge Holder?

A place to store the sponges in the kitchen. Because where on earth do you normally store these used sponges? Behind the tap? In the sink? Next to the sink?

The answer was in front of us all along: Out of sight BUT within easy reach, that is, in your sponge holder of course!

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