Empower The Sustainable You

Hej och välkommen till din ultimata guide till en lite mer hållbar vardag. Här kan du hitta allt ifrån gröna städtips, lokala secondhand tips och viktig fakta som kan göra de vardagliga hållbara valen lite enklare.


Cleaning with Skosh in your household

Hur Effektiva Är Hållbara Rengöringsmedel?

Att hålla kök, sovrum och badrum hygieniskt har aldrig varit viktigare. Ett år in i pandemin och sanering av ytor har blivit en självklarhet i vår vardag. Men med kemikalier...

ipad with movies on netflix

6 Documentaries On Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Lucky us, compared to the past, now there are plenty of sources to learn about sustainability and zero-waste lifestyle. In one of our blog posts, we shared with you 5 must-read...

Two Halloween pumpkins with light

A Guide to Zero-Waste Halloween

Halloween - the time of the year when witches are patrolling the streets and ghosts are behind every corner. As the spookiness and the scary surprises are dominating the holidays it...

Small glass jars filled with different rice, peas, cherry jam, chickpeas, and spaghetti

Zero-Waste Hacks for Beginners

When you start living a more zero-waste lifestyle, you’ll realize that there may be a lot of lifestyle changes you need to make. It might seem overwhelming in the beginning....

A person's hand holding small globe in front of mountains

How to Travel Sustainably

One of the reasons why Covid-19 led to reduced carbon emissions around the world is because international borders were closed for a long time and traveling was not the priority...

How to Travel Sustainably

Supermarket shelves with cleaning products

Why Green Cleaning Products Matter

We all like the fresh scent that is left in our house after cleaning... It’s one of the most satisfying smells for some of us, just like the smell of...